Finding the Right Job

CareerA few weeks ago I resigned from EMC. My last day is 10 May. Similar to my last weeks at Intel, the “lame duck” period working for a soon-to-be-ex-employer usually contains the most fascinating and instructing weeks on the job. My days have been filled with friends calling to wish me luck, pick my brain, and find out for themselves as much as me what might be next.

Most are surprised that I am not going to another job yet. Invariably a pregnant pause follows me telling them I am going on sabbatical. I think they are usually wondering:

  • Was Scott fired?
  • Is Scott rich?
  • Has Scott gone crazy?

Well, no to the first two.  To number three you’ll have to follow my actions for the coming year and reach your own conclusion!  As others ask and challenge me about my future, we have had some friendly conversations of incredible insight.  They have helped me form a clearer picture about what I need in my next job.

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Farewell, America, For Now

This morning I officially accepted a job in Singapore. I am now three weeks away from becoming a US expatriate. A week before that I will be without a home, living out of two suitcases meant to last me the six weeks it will take to get settled. My anxiety over this move grows but so does my excitement. Exactly what waits for me at the far side of this adventure remains unclear.

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