Another Pivot

career-change-blogIts been weeks since I last wrote. So much has transpired that this proper update is due. I will start by saying my sabbatical is finished. My commitments to learn Chinese, develop a big data community, volunteer for Open Data Hong Kong, write, and ponder my next move met with mixed success. As evidenced by the lack of activity on this blog, my writing commitment to writing flagged towards the end. But the other projects generally went well.

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Who Is This Sexy Woman?

On 7 September I tweeted about a need for a password management tool. Craig Waters responded by re-tweet (RT) with text that included the word iPhone. That keyword was picked up by a spammer, iphone_hills, whose RT included my Twitter name. The image used by iphone_hills used caught my attention and reminded me of a cool new feature Google recently released: image search.

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