About Towards Wisdom

In 1999 or so I decided to create my first blog. I wanted to practice writing and try to entertain my friends. I was trying to mimic Maddox, whose irreverence and wit I greatly admired.

As the years passed I found my blog a great place to share updates on my travels. Later it was an effective vehicle for sharing life updates with my family and friends. But now blogging serves a very different purpose for me. The act of writing helps me clarify my ideas. Posting my thoughts online encourages discussion with my friends. And I can record a diary of my development over the years.

In May 2013 I rebranded this blog “Towards Wisdom” to refocus my efforts. This rebranding immediately followed my departure from EMC and the beginning of a one-year (or so) sabbatical. I am now thinking about my life in Asia, my contribution to society, my profession and well being, and my own efforts to develop wisdom.

Like most bloggers, I write  for fun not profit.  I am thrilled to have readers and even happier to discuss over email.  Please write me any time using the email address posted on the bottom of my about page.

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